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Find the value of the marvel comic new mutants volume 1. The new mutants last edited by pikahyper on 092619 12. But things quickly go awry when aliens attack, and cannonball is peer pressured into taking. The value of the two key issue comic books in the new mutants run has far exceeded the rest of the series. For years, this book has been confounding the experts who said it could not get any. Contemplating sending my 98 in to be graded one of these days. Yes, whatever ungodly amount of money, blah, blah, blah. The new mutants is a comic book series by marvel comics. Comics are worth more significantly more as their condition increases. When we did start browsing ebay around 2010 to see whats what, we were absolutely astounded to see how many of the hot books from the 80s had greatly devalued, and even more shocked that conversely, new mutants 98 had emerged as the mainstream superhero copper age key issue, if your criteria is what it currently fetches on ebay.

Key issue first appearance of cable publisher marvel store date march 10, 1990. More than half of them are graded an very respectable 9. In the early 1990s, selftaught artist liefeld became prominent due to his work on marvel comics the new mutants and later x. The case is in great shape with no scratches or cracks.

In the book economics of digital comics by todd allen and mark. A prominent artist in the 1990s, he has since become a controversial figure in the medium. The value of the two key issue comic books in the new mutants run has far. The new mutants get acclimated to their new home, new talents, new friends, and new teachers, unaware that they are being watched. Some claim that the print run for nm 98 is 1 million copies, and some have even claimed the print run to be 3 million. Probably never will, due to my age and circumstances. Come back next year, when the sequel appears, and no doubt nm 98 will be rising again. These include the later 10 cent issues and all 12 cent issues, which ended in mid1969. Of the 9,970 copies, there is only one copy cgc graded a perfect 10.

Stan lee the late marvel comics legend, cameo actor in the deadpool movies and cocreator of the xmen back in 1963. Despite being a comic with tons of copies available, it is still quite valuable. New mutants 98 cgc graded see amazon condition note for grades comics 1991. Though, i dont think i would want to sell my complete set of new mutants, let alone any one issue either.

Youre right, a 90s comic generally wont be that valuable. Cgc has kept track for us, of just how many copies they ve graded. In light of the popularity of the film, a surge in deadpool collectibles has hit the market and this guide will help you sort out the best place to. To understand new mutants 98, the year 1983 sets the context. These books are key to any comic book collectors collection and we will pay extra premiums for them. In my opinion, this is a beautiful high grade book. Artist rob liefeld began his legendary run on the new mutants and. Amazing spiderman 300 is the number 1 searched for book on cpg and new mutants 98 is number 2. Prepare for highoctane mutant action from the bombastic 1990s. Certified by cgc and encased, the book has been graded a 9. Rob liefeld the cocreator of deadpool and the first artist to draw the character.

New mutants 98 cgc graded see amazon condition note for grades. New mutants 98 returned from grading cbcs comics page 1. Nope were not talking about the value inflation of. The first appearance of the merc with a mouth, aka deadpool in new mutants 98 makes it.

Its one of the alltime great marvel comic books, boldly represented in its original form, ads and all. The new mutants go to a party celebrating the new album of cannonball. New mutants 98 was a landmark in comic book history. Regular series begins first appearance is in marvel graphic novel 4. Key issues like new mutants 98 will sell better and for more if they are graded. The demand on this book has jumped a hundredfold due to the growing popularity of the successful new marvel series deadpool. There is a cost involved in getting something graded but for that issue its probably worth it. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Unless youre looking at a rare, ultra high grade 9. I dont know where wizard gets their prices, but these people must have massive demand for that book. This happens to be the first appearance of deadpool, a fairly recognizable and well liked character that also has a movie coming out in the next month. Also, its cgc graded meaning its officially graded and sealed. Those grades will probably be your best bet for an investment copy of this comic. The new mutants were created by chris claremont longtime writer of uncanny xmen and artist.

Ill get it pressed and graded eventually, but for now im just going to enjoy it. The new mutants is a group of fictional teenaged mutant superheroesintraining appearing in american comic books published by marvel comics. Since the series began, there have been many fascinating new characters that made their first appearance in its pages. Books brought in already graded by cgc comics certified guaranty company will receive premium pay since they hold the. They have been the main characters of three successive comic book series, which were spinoffs of the xmen franchise the first team of new mutants characters was created by chris claremont and artist bob mcleod. New mutants 98 features the first appearance of deadpool and is one of the most popular comic books from the 1990s. According to the latest hype and rumor, they are bumping forward the movie to add a new character to the film with reshooting. Maybe a few too many dents on the spine, a few color breaking.

Cable, to cannonball gideon arranges for the murder of sunspots father. New mutants comic book issue 98 featuring the first appearance of deadpool, gideon and vanessa as domino. Over the last few years of actively buying graded comic books, i. In todays video i discuss the key differences between cgc and cbcs the 2 main comic book grading companies. Looking at the cgc census, there are nearly 10,000 copies graded and most of them are 9. Price new from used from comics, 1991 please retry. Dropping in february 1991, we finally have the official release of his movie, 25 years after his first comic. But in the comic world, first appearances anything else. But who is the new mystery woman riding to the rescue.

New characters that made their debut in new mutants 98. The book is 100% complete and firmly attached at the staples. New mutants 98 february 12, 2016 shaun 14 comments. New mutants 98 cgc graded see amazon condition note for.

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