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Article 370 has its pros and cons just like other laws delhi post. Eudora is an email client used on the apple macintosh and microsoft windows operating systems. Article 370 mohan krishen teng first published 1990 published by anmol publications 43784b, ansari road, daryaganj, new delhi 12. Learn decision making process with free interactive flashcards. No outsider is allowed to purchase land in jammu and kashmir. What looks like an advantage to some may not be perceived in the same light by others. Article 370 came into existence after independence and the same went ahead. What are the pros and cons of article 370 for the people. The articles are grouped by topic in chronological. So what exactly is the article 370 and why is it so important to jammu and kashmir. Indiana is down 12 percent, but minnesota is up 50 percent. Healthcare expert robert laszewski points out that it is the insurers.

Blog network articles page 1 intermountain healthcare. Article 370 not part of basic structure india news hindustan times. May 19, 2017 article 370 was eventually drafted by gopalaswami ayyangar. What are the pros and cons of article 370 for the people of. Article 370 details the relationship kashmir will share with the rest of the country. But the second factor behind brickells growth has been the miami government, which has accommodated it through a.

The pros and cons of the removal of article 370 are subjective. What exactly is the article 370 and why is it so important to. It was meant to remain in operation during the existence of the state. What is article370 article370 was created with a view that its existence would be temporary. Essay on article 370, gd topics, article 370 advantages. Not only has the government decided to render article 370 meaningless in regards to jammu and kashmir, but it has also decided to divide the state into two union territories jammu and kashmir and ladakh.

Pdf created with fineprint pdffactory pro trial version. Ten facts that explain why article 370 so important for j. The instrument of accession of jammu and kashmir to india was signed by the maharaja hari singh in october, 1947 and a special. Intermountain healthcare is a utahbased, notforprofit system of 24 hospitals includes virtual hospital, a medical group with more than 2,400 physicians and advanced practice clinicians at about 160 clinics, a health plans division called selecthealth, and other health services. What are the pros and cons of article 370 for the people of jammu.

Title i farm bill crop safety net programs the house farm bill provides farms with a choice between a price loss coverage plc program and a. G en esis an d n atu re of a rticle 370 of th e c on stitu. Cons of whole group discussion as a teaching method. File sangakkara in selfquarantine after returning from uk into the wild. It provides new insights on the negotiations preceding its enactment, the significance of the article, and the constitutional evolution of the state and its relationship with the union of india from 1946 to 2010. An essay on article 370 and special status of jammu and kashmir. Peter garside scott and the common novel 2 scotts strategy from the commencement of the waverley novels, it might be argued, was to create a superior kind of fiction, pitched in such a way as to draw back a male bookbuying audience as. Please feel free to interpret them the way you want. If these rules are not enforced then there is a possibility that the discussion could quickly go offtopic. This book is a collection of documents on article 370 of the constitution of india, which contains provisions related to the state of jammu and kashmir. We have already briefly mentioned this format in this article image file formats jpeg, png, svg, pdf.

This means jammu and kashmir, which has been a state for decades, will now cease to be so. Article 370 of the constitution provides autonomous status to the state of jammu and kashmir. Article 370 had been a part of jammu and kashmir for more than 70 years but now that it is a fait accompli, it is very important to visualise the effect of this abrogation for the people of jammu and kashmir some of the advantages that should accrue, defining both pros and cons of removal of article 370, are. Archived articles issue 3, no 2 cardiff university. Jun 14, 2012 some narrowminded people not only question the necessity of article 370 in the constitution of india, but they demand its removal. Since then, this issue has resonated with the rank and file of the party. The modi government has changed the narrative of politics with their historic decision of 5 august 2019 when they aborted articles 370 and 35a.

Model n shares jumped 10% after reporting q2 earnings results. Under article 370, except for defense, foreign affairs, communications and ancillary matters matters. What looks like an advantage to some may not be perceived in the. External affairs, defense and communications, by the state to the dominion of india. An interview is a primary in which oneonone or small group question and answer sessions are conducted.

Solved mary, a baccalaureate prepared registered nurse, has. It not only provides uptodate material on the standard subjects long familiar to debating societies but also covers many newly urgent topics to the extent, it is hoped, that anyone. To return yet again to the topic of how abusing the idea of fake news could represent an ideal opportunity for censors on the make, heres the bbc discussing a report by the british. The ruler of jammu and kashmir signed the instrument of accession whereby only three subjects were surrendered i. Modi government has finally dropped the big kashmir bomb today, with home. The aim of this course is to explore in depth three philosophical disputes about religion. There are many pros and cons about the integration of jammu and kashmir. The article 370 of the constitution of india gives some special privilege to the state of jammu and kashmir which is not available to other states of the union of india. Nnt file is a qualcomm eudora addressbook database. The website shows the advantages and disadvantages of any product or topic. Article 370 revocationpros and consgroup discussion topicby. It is true that in kashmir today there are multiple tendencies, which vary from asking for total independence, azadi, to autonomy. In this video, we have discussed the pros and cons related to revocation of article 370.

We list down the pros and cons of abrogation of article 370 in an objective manner. Choose from 500 different sets of decision making process flashcards on quizlet. State, article 370 no longer puts that state on a special pedestal and, therefore, the articles continuance need no longer be a bone of contention. Welcoming the move, jindal in a tweet said it is a landmark decision by prime minister narendra modi and home minister amit shah to abrogate article 370. It is article 370 which governs the relation of the jammu and kashmir with the union. It is a very reliable source since you are hearing the information first hand.

Also know some facts about article 370 and its pros and cons for india. Use of nlist programme and the role of college librarians. In many a tv debates, participant on the issue have shown their ignorance about the status and content of article 370. Whole group discussions can be unsettling for some teachers, as they require setting up and enforcing ground rules for students. Implication of article 370 of the constitution of india. The failure of accounting research to improve accounting practice. D uring the course of the essay the various view s w hether a rticle 370 should be abrogated or not w ill be also. Advantages and disadvantages of pdf format logo design blog. The failure of accounting research to improve accounting. Essay on the article 370 and special status to kashmir. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Neurorehabiitation news fall 2011 page 4 neurorhabilitation news during the past year, the american brain coalition has partnered with congressman patrick kennedy for the development and community awareness of the congressmans program designed to study the neuroscience issues that could unravel the mysteries of the.

The article 370 was clearly meant to be a temporary provision included in the constitution to cater for the specific requirements of the troubled times immediately after indias independence and the states accession to india. The main argument in parliament was that article 370 was a. A road draft system works this way, the tube sticks down under the car into the airflow going under the car. The companys topline beat was only marginally higher than what wall street was expecting. Broadly speaking, there will hardly be any popular support for debating or abolishing article 370. Today you will be writing a descriptive and organized piece about a job and its pros and cons. The event brought together members of the private sector, policymakers, lawenforcement, prosecutors and academics for focused discussions on current informationsharing provisions, challenges and opportunities. It also has many other cons as, because of article 370, there are very less. Mary, a baccalaureate prepared registered nurse, has been practicing for fifteen years. Its difficult for outsiders to establish business in kashmir, so the citizens of kashmir get an advantage here as there is less competition and more.

Its difficult for outsiders to establish business in kashmir, so the. In simple terms it is what accords a special status to the state of jammu and kashmir the article was created on a temporary basis when the ruler of jandk signed the instrument of accession. What is article 370 of indian constitution and its effect on. The modi governments strong mandate for a second term all but ensured.

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